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Are you feeling lost?

 Are you understand the impression that you have been put right in the middle of a story that is unknown to you?

 Lucky for you, with Hearten Tales, you do not have to be there from the beginning of the adventure to find answers to your questions. Thanks to the form at the right of this page, you will have access to all the information you wish to be aware of.

Although we have at heart to hide nothing from you, we will sometimes be tied to profesional secrecy, and thus unable to give you answers.

If this happens, our team will still get back to you in order to let you know. None of your messages will remain unanswered. Furthermore, we invite you to look at the “F.A.Q” tab which already has a lot of answers to questions you might be having!

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    What would a fantastical adventure be without anyone to tell it? Hearten Tales is, before anything else, an organization that brings people together.

    Whether you wish to share our story in the long run by mentionning our news, or you would rather support us ponctually during our events, we already have a solution that will please you!

    In order to access our dedicated “press area“, we invite you to create an account on our website and fill in the form at the left.

    Your request will then be submitted to and studied by our team. We recommend you give us as much detail as possible in order to help us make a decision.


    Unity is strength, right?

     If you wish to invest yourself fully in the organization’s projects in order to make them come true and in the best possible conditions, we are able to offer and/or accept to partner up on some of our actions, if not all of them. We invite you to reach out to us as soon as you wish to.

     A partnership can have many shapes. It may be a collaboration on a mutual action, an exchange of services, a monetary investment, or even something we have yet to think about!

     No matter what it is, our team is ready to hear your offers, so do not hesitate to join us to write Hearten Tales’ story together.

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