About us

Hearten Tales is the result of more than four years of work. It comes from years of research, tests, failures and successes. It means hours of hard work, whirlwinds of emotions, unforgettable memories. It represents a strong will, an extreme patience, an endless devotion.
But most of all, Hearten Tales is a long-term friendship, as much personal as professional. It involves a team of passionate and driven volunteers willing to always aim higher, further. It is an homegeneous mix of experiences in event planning, customer service, design, animation and bank. These skills will allow us to meet your needs, and advise you according to your budget and/or your wishes, while offering quality services.
Hearten Tales invites you to write your own story. With the help of our team, who aims to listen, be transparent and understanding, the orgnization will put you in the center of the action, so that you can live adventures coming straight out of a fairy tale, during special days planned for you. Hearten Tales gives you the opportunity, for an event, to make your dreams come true.